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Botnet Detection Tool: Ourmon

01/09/2011 19:56
A botnet is a fusion of many exploits in a Only client-server application. The server called bot-server (usually IRC server), where customers are known as Botclients or zombies or drones. Most Interestingly, the Botclients botclients create a more coordinated way for the establishment of a common goal with little or no intervention forward. Botnets are often used because the...

Penetration Testing With The Metasploit Framework

23/08/2011 10:13
Presentation When you think "penetration testing tool" first thing that comes to mind is the Ruby world's largest project, with more than 700 000 lines of code "Metasploit". Not wonder it has become the de-facto standard for for penetration testing and vulnerability development with more than one million Unique downloads per year, and the world "s largest database of...

Send Free SMS Anonymously Unlimited

21/08/2011 11:17
free anonymous text messaging has become very hard and there are at least sites that offer this option, if they do so to pay heavy from their customers. Many people do not want to pay a cent for it. They just want their site, which gives them the ability to send free and anonymous messages to their friends, relatives and much more. How to send free anonymous messages? There are many sites that...

Some Ways To Choose A WPA Key

21/08/2011 11:15
Use numbers and letters is another great piece of base, but a series of truly random numbers is difficult to remember, but using something like a birthday that makes you vulnerable to anyone who knows your personal information. A balance sheet is double or triple the number. For example, if your birthday is on 25/08/1983 at 25,081,983 instead of through the use 2508080819831983 happens, it will be much...

Auto End Tasks To Enable Proper Shutdown

18/08/2011 21:52
Auto End tasks to enable proper shutdown This log file will automatically end tasks and timeouts that prevent programs to stop and clean out the paging file. 1. Copy the following (all on the box) into notepad. QUOTE Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager Memory Management \] "ClearPageFileAtShutdown" = dword:...


18/08/2011 21:42
I see you hiding in the shadows there, and then they can log all Web sites, FTP servers and other nooks and crannies you visit on the Internet. The type of information collected from these newspapers, which are available for webmasters of sites you visit include the address of the previous website you visited, your IP address, name of identifying your computer, your physical location and the name of your...

How To Make A Good Website

18/08/2011 21:37
A checklist for Web standards The term web standards can mean different things to different people. For some, the "table-free sites," for others "with a valid code. However, web standards are much broader than that. A website built to the standards must adhere to standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, DOM, MathML, SVG, etc) and implement best practices (valid code, access code, semantically correct...

Unlock Any Data Card Or 3G

18/08/2011 21:22
its a simple trick of registry hack. you have change some windows registry value. so lets start: go to windows menu-click on run-write in the box"regedit" hit the enter. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-software(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Linktop3G) find out Linktop3G or your data card name. now On the right-panel, change the Engineer key value to 0.that's it. Create new connection profile for your...

Download Windows 7 Diamond 32 Bit Free

16/08/2011 10:01
Windows 7 Diamond - Violet X86 MULTI 7600.16385 | 3 GB Software Version: 7600.16385 X86.5 Language: Russian, English Ukrainian. Minimum system requirements: Processor: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit Memory: 1 GB Hard drive: 16 GB of free disk space Video: Support for DirectX 9 graphics, 128 MB of memory (to enable the Aero theme) Installation: Start w7lxe.exe and wait 30...

Download The New Facebook Mobile App Free Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Relliance

16/08/2011 09:58
Facebook Mobile to get a quick and easy access to Facebook on your phone. Update your status, review your news feed and see the profiles of friends, from your phone. You can use free for Airtel, Aircel, Idea & Relliance DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE-

How To Export Your Facebook Contacts with Facebook Friend Exporter

16/08/2011 09:55
Facebook Friend is a big exporter plugin extension chrome or export all contacts from Facebook every CSV file or directly from the listing of Google. Now the process is very simple, which includes the installation of the extension and then simply following procedure will be continued. Follow these steps to export your contacts now.: First you must first Chrome browser to download. 2. Now that...

Penetration Testing and Tools

15/08/2011 21:44
Penetration Testing and Tools Using Metasploit This chapter shows you how to use Metasploit, launched an operation and Development platform. • Metasploit: the big picture • Get the Metasploit • Using the console to launch Metasploit exploits • Using Metasploit to exploit client-side vulnerabilities • Using Metasploit Meterpreter • Use as Metasploit thief passes man in the...

TCP / IP Hijacking

15/08/2011 09:36
TCP / IP hijacking is a clever technique that uses spoofed packets to take connection between a victim and a host machine. This technique is unusual useful when the victim uses a password once to connect to the host machine. A password only once can be used to authenticate once, This means that sniff the approval is not necessary for the attacker. You can run over TCP / IP hijacking...

Spot And Avoid Scams Of Facebook

15/08/2011 09:33
"There's a sucker born every minute." This quote, mainly attributed to PT Barnum, originally called misleading attractions of the carnival spectacle, but is equally relevant to internet scams, scams, especially on Facebook today. None of the common fraud on Facebook "Facebook does not like Button ", the" Stalker Tracker "(which is supposed to tell who visits your profile), and "watch...

Increase your RAM By Simple Trick

14/08/2011 09:30
1). Launch an application, such as Word. Open some important documents. 2). Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Windows Task Manager and select the Processes tab and sort in descending order by memory usage. You will notice that WINWORD.EXE is somewhere at the top, using multiple MBs of memory. 3). Now switch to Word and simply minimize. (Do not use the opportunity to minimize all windows...

How To Speed Up Acrobat

14/08/2011 09:26
1. Go to the installation folder of Acrobat Reader (C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Acrobat \ Reader \ .. whatever) 2nd Move all files and folders in the "plugins" to "optional" folder. (I repeat .. cut and paste files do not copy and paste). Also, be sure Acrobat Reader is not open or close the files and lets you move files). Now your Acrobat Reader software loaded very quickly and almost as...


13/08/2011 20:56
COOL FACEBOOK HACK Invite all your friends at a time 1 - Copy the code below 2 - Now, click "Suggest to friends" in profile picture. . 3-When your friend opens the list, insert this code in the address bar and press the Enter key, all your friends will be automatically selected, now click on "Send Invitation" below is the invitation code .: (Javascript: fs.select_all ();) that's it.

Increase Performance Of Windows 7

13/08/2011 20:53
This article discusses various methods to speed up your computer, making some changes in the configuration of Windows 7. You can also use these tips to computers running Windows XP, Vista, etc, but in most cases, you can not find the right methods. However, you can always look around for a career in their windows. Remove Snap and Aero Peek Windows 7 comes with a wonderful and amazing visual display...

Free GPRS in idea August In 2G & 3G

13/08/2011 20:48
You can get 100% free GPRS on your idea of ​​using the trick. First Of All Download Opera Handler. use work and use the address of the server and use a second proxy socket: / / Server4. Use the front of the request Use cool idea that your connection and unlimited free GPRS.Before you use...

Free Reliance GPRS Trick August

13/08/2011 20:42
Reliance is a network to a CDMA network, and the type GSM.Here is hot Reliance CDMA and GSM customers who need to release free GPRS activation is significantly GPRS.Reliance way.Follow easy steps below and get a free GPRS. Set the following values APN-SMARTWAP Port-8080 IP Homepage-http: / / / GSM / index.wml Now, free GPRS is activated to browse and download...

Disabling The Guest Account In Windows XP

13/08/2011 08:55
Removing the guest account is recommended by security experts The Guest account is created. As in previous versions of Windows, Guest has had little effect on the real world and served as another form of an attacker to access the system, especially because the Guest account is also no default password. In Windows XP, there is another story.The guest account can still be an easy...

IP Addresses And DNS

13/08/2011 08:52
The term "host" can be confusing because it has several meanings in the computer world. It is used to describe a computer or server that provides web pages. In this context, it is said that the computer is "hosting agreement" website. Host is also used to describe companies that allow people to share their Internet servers and connection as a service instead of each company or individual who...

Run Windows Apps On Linux

13/08/2011 08:49
Each user of a non-Linux may be carried at all times. Rather than admit defeat, you have two options: The use of an emulator. Install the software that allows your Linux system to emulate as if the Windows system. When you receive a proper emulator installed, all you have to do is install a Windows emulator on Linux system.The then allow the application to run Windows directly from...

Virus Program to Block Websites

11/08/2011 23:06
Most of us are familiar with the virus that blocked sites Orkut and YouTube. If you're curious about creating a virus on your own, that's how you can do. As usual, I will use my favorite programming language "C" to create the site blocking virus. I will give a brief introduction to this virus before jumping to technical jargon. This virus has been created exclusively for the "C". So, anyone with a basic...

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Without The Software

11/08/2011 23:03
There are a lot of things you can do a Wi-Fi router software to improve the signal strength. I think it's a pain in the ass. Let's do it less than a minute, and without touching the keyboard. Investment Radio waves and side fall. This means that the router as high as possible on a table or the floor as high as possible. If you are trying to reach an upper floor of something, hook the router and vice...

Remove Administrator Password Without Software

11/08/2011 22:57
DOS boot and delete the file and sam.log sam.exe Windows \ system32 \ config on the hard drive. Now, when you start the NT password for the built-in Administrator account, which is empty (ie no password). This trick works only if the hard drive is a FAT of its kind.

Hide any files and folders using Command Prompt

11/08/2011 22:55
Tips to hide files and folders using the command prompt The most important thing is that you can access all search options, even if you click "Show hidden files and folders" that can not be considered Hide files and folders most popular work today is very important and it's really tedious to do finde also this tedious job easy I'll give you something of the moment For example: you have a folder named...

How can secure wireless network

10/08/2011 22:50
First, the wireless network should be blocked. (A wireless network is as unlocked to put your own personal filing cabinet O'Connell Street and then let everything from have a "look in"). It also means that people can steal bandwidth, ie, they can backpack on the back of your Internet connection, free internet access, at the same time time to slow down its own connection. The best way to lock down your...


09/08/2011 21:14
Is this your copy of Windows XP very slow to start machine? Here's how speed up boot time with a quick registry tweak. 1. Open the Registry Editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ content index. 2nd In the right panel is a value called "StartupDelay." To access this option, DoubleClick StartupDelay. Then change the 'Home' option in "hex" to...

Simple Registry Hacks In Windows7

09/08/2011 21:09
Modifying Windows Registry is not as scary as it sounds, but do not forget to backup your registry before proceeding. 1. Accelerate Peek: Windows 7 Aero Peek, you can summary on the desktop after a delay of 500 milliseconds. Unless as expected, you can shorten this break. Open the Registry Editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \...
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