ACCESS Control Another Computer Hard Drive

17/07/2011 20:50

Your guide will tell you about NETBIOS HACKING HACKING remote access and ES hard drive or printer. NETBIOS Hack is the best way to get into a remote computer.


1.Open Command Prompt

In the second command prompt using "net view" command

(Or use "NB Scanner" option "Tools" IP addresses by entering IP address range. This method can scan computers at once).

Example: C: \> net view \ \

The above is an example of the operation using the command prompt. "Net view" is one of the BIOS command to see the shared resources of remote computer. Here "" is an IP address on the remote computer be hacked through Netbios. You need to replace an IP address vlaid instead. If successful, a list of hard drives and printers are displayed. If this is not an error message appears. Then repeat the procedure with two different IP address.

3. When this happens, use the "net use" command from the command prompt. "Net use" is one of NetBIOS command that allows hackers to remotely drives or printers.


C: \ P> net use: \ \ \ F


C: \ G use> Network: \ \ \ Shared Documents

Example 3:

C: \> net use I: \ \ \ MyPrinter

NOTE: In the examples 1.2 and 3, D:, G: and me: the names of the network drives to be created on your computer to access the hard drive of your computer remotely.

NOTE: Enter the station IDs, which are not used all the other hard drives, floppy drives and drive of your computer. So if you're a C: and D: DIRVES so difficult, AS FLOPPY immersion, and E: as a CD-ROM is F: Drive-In Command Prompt as shared

F: "Shared Documents" are the names of the remote computer's hard drive that you want to hack. "Myprint" is the name of the remote computer to the printer. They can be seen giving the "net use" command. "" is the IP address of the remote computer you want to hack.

4th After following your computer will give a message that "The command completed successfully." Once you get the above message, you are just steps to hack your computer.

Now, open "My Computer" you will see a new "hard drive tests' (common) with the specified name. You can open and use the hard drive of your computer remotely. You can copy files, music, folders, etc., hard drive the victim. You can delete / edit information on the hard disk of the victim only has write permissions on the victim's system. You can access the files / folders quickly through the "Command Prompt".

NOTE: If the remote computer's firewall is enabled on your computer will be unable to access the remote computer via NetBIOS. Netbios hacking is not possible in this situation. (An error message appears). Then repeat the 2,3 with a different IP address.