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I see you hiding in the shadows there, and then they can log all Web sites, FTP servers and other nooks and crannies you visit on the Internet. The type of information collected from these newspapers, which are available for webmasters of sites you visit include the address of the previous website you visited, your IP address, name of identifying your computer, your physical location and the name of your ISP along with less personal details, such as the operating system you use and your screen resolution. If someone was snooping in your trash can to gather information on consumer trends or tracking your every move to see where you go everyday you would not be too impressed you. Well net is no different, it's still an invasion of privacy and a threat to security and you do not have to put up with it.

Proxy servers:

Each time you visit a Web site, information about your system automatically provides the webmaster. This information can be used by hackers to exploit your computer or can be transmitted to market research services used by businesses, by tracking their online activities are better able to direct more relevant spam at you. Your best defense against this is to use what is known as a proxy server, which hides the information that shows Web sites you visit, you can surf the Web anonymously. This work changing the way your browser retrieves web pages or connect to remote servers. With a proxy server configured, every time you "demand" of Internet Explorer or Netscape to view a Web page, the request is first sent through an external server is entirely separate from the servers of your ISP.

There are two ways to use proxy servers and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The first way is to use a web-based service. What does the proxy to visit the home page every time you want to surf the site anonymously. The main component of such a system is a dialog box where you enter the address of a Web site you visit. Each time you enter the URL of the site you want to browse through the proxy in this window your personal information, your IP address and so on first encrypted before being sent to the site can remain anonymous. Two of the best examples of such web based proxy service are Code:

hxxp: / /

and hxxp: / /

Clearly, a disadvantage of using a web-based service like Anonymizer or Rewebber, however, is that you should visit the homepage of power every time you want to browse anonymously. You can choose to select this page as your home page by default, but it's still pretty annoying if you site Jump to the speed of light. The second big "with" is that they often have to put other ads on the pages you visit. These are automatically inserted into pages through the proxy - they have to pay for the service somehow. In more sophisticated and practical solutions are also available but they come with a price tag.

The other method, you can use to protect your personal information through a proxy server is to adjust the settings in your Web browser so you can surf anonymously, without having to visit the website of your proxy each time. To do this, you must first know the name of your proxy server and port number it uses. This information can be derived from either a public proxy server list or the frequently asked questions with reference to a subscription service based private. Once you have the proxy server name you want to use, select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu in your browser. Now select "Connections" then "Options" and select "use a proxy server" check box. Finally all that you need to do now is enter the server name in the "Address" field, the port it uses in "port" box and go out and surf anonymously.

Free, manual proxy servers as advertised in the anonymity of the sites where you can find at all, are likely to be highly oversubscribed, and, therefore, retrieve web pages can deteriorate rapidly. When you go in search of public proxy server list and select the option which can be set manually. To find a list, you can investigate sites such as Code:

hxxp: / /

However, this method is not without problems either, so before you get too carried away and go jumping on the bandwagon anonymity there are some things you should be aware of. It 'very easy to use proxies to protect your privacy, but often the disadvantages of their use to weigh the benefits by far. You see, the problem is that, as proxy servers offers Rewebber et al, a free, public proxies are almost all over subscribed and so they can significantly slow down web browsing. Digging fast reliable proxy server is a form of art in itself, and is a skill that requires practice. You might find a list of public proxy servers and then try each until you find one that works at reasonable speeds, but this can be very long and frustrating. Instead, my research would be much more effective if it is dedicated to the program to do this for you.

There are literally dozens of proxy search programs around which can do that, and many are available as freeware. What they do is scan the internet for public proxy servers. These servers are tested for speed and anonymity (not all of them are truly anonymous, but claims to be!) And once you find one that suits your needs, you can select as default as its representative at the click of a button.

One of the main advantages of an automated tool to locate proxy servers is that you must change the proxy settings manually each time you want to try something new. Instead, you have to do is enter 'localhost' or '127 .0.0.1 'to' field and '8088 'in' box door 'menu of your browser proxy settings and then forget about it. All future proxy switching is then organized within the software research proxy, which then transmit the information to the type of browser or any application you're trying to be anonymous. For those of you who are curious about the "localhost" and IP address '127 .0.0.1 'are the names of all computers with internet refers to itself.

Here is a good selection of links that can help you start - code:

hxxp: / / Anonymity 4 Proxy

hxxp: / / Proxy Hi

This is a third party server did not ask for you, so it appears that the request came to them how you and your IP address will never be disclosed sites visited. There is nothing to download, and the whole process takes less than a minute.

hxxp: Verifier Proxy / /

hxxp: / / Stealther

You may notice that while using these programs you are having trouble finding a good proxy. E 'for this reason, many people just want to use proxy servers temporarily while doing something that could be problems with their providers, or at worst, with the law. The clearest example of a situation that would cover the tracks is to scan your public FTP server and then downloads them. Most of the other assets are unlikely to cause serious consequences so under these circumstances you can safely surf the Internet without a proxy. If you are serious about your privacy, however, the best option is probably to invest in dedicated, stable proxy such as those offered by the Code:

hxxp: / / last Anonymity