Anonymous Mailer Software

02/08/2011 10:07

Anonymous Mailer is an award-winning anonymous email, through which a user can send emails directly from your computer, regardless of the email id exists or not. No need to reveal your original e-mail address to anyone. Send email from

So, just follow the instructions below to send anonymous e-mail this software Anonymous mailer.

Anonymous Mailer - send anonymous e-mail make-up Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail passwords Advances

1. First of all, Anonymous mailer download software from here-http: / /

Run the second anonymous Nemesis Mailer.exe

3. Now, complete the following information:

* Name: Name of email account you want to appear in the email.

* Email From: Email (false) that appears to the victim that if the mail is sent to this email address.

* E-mail: Victim e-mail.

* Subject: Subject of e-mail anonymously.

* Message: The body of the anonymous email .... phisher has a link here.

4. In addition, this software has the unique feature of award is the anonymous email proxy, while sending emails. So your real IP address is never revealed to the victim. To do this, "Enable proxy" and enter the proxy server to use.

5. Now hit the "send" e-mail must be sent to the victim.

And sixth when opening e-mail will be victims of our e-mail. By sending e-mail ID will be that we have entered into "E-mail" field.

7. Now, our anonymous e-mail sent successfully hack is ready to hotmail, yahoo, gmail, facebook, myspace, passwords, etc. through anonymous email.

The software is available in trial version and you can use it only three times per computer.