Batch File That Appears With Repeated Messages

17/06/2011 18:30

in this post, we will create a batch file that pop-ups keep repeating the message boxes.

Below is the code for it.

: Home

msg * Hi

Msg * Are you having fun?

msg * I am!

msg * admin!

* Message and you're stuck reading

* Msg teach you

msg * Batch Programming Series

Msg * Did you learn something new

msg * and like

* Msg if so, then do not subscribe

Msg * learn hacking

msg * the fastest growing site of ethical hacking

msg online *

And you know what * msg

* Msg has been Pwned with a capital "P"


See, it's that simple. I'm sure you could have understood. Now you can use this and annoy your friends and play this trick where you want.