Best Operating System For Hackers - BackTrack Linux

28/06/2011 23:24

Here today to learn more about the "best operating system for hackers - BackTrack Linux" Take a look below.:

There are a couple of things that are essential for the life of any hacker. Some, memory stick there everyday for data transfer. Do you have a crossover cable for fast transfer of data. There, the Wi-Fi high-gain antenna for the amplification and strong. Maybe you could find a video capture card on your computer. Of course there are all over the laptop and desktop. But what software is on these computers? There is no doubt that there are at least two operating systems, mostly for Windows and Linux. But Linux has a number of different distributions. Is there a specific? When the hackers and crackers, there is only one distro of Linux. It's called a retreat.

BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing professionals that the safety of AIDS, the ability to perform evaluations of a purely native environment dedicated to hacking.

You do your boot BackTrack primary operating system from a live DVD, or use your favorite USB drive, BackTrack has been adapted down to each packet, kernel configuration, and patch script the sole purpose of penetration tester.

BackTrack is for all audiences of today's most security experts to newcomers ready for the field of information security. BackTrack promotes a quick and easy to find and update the most basic collection of the latest security tools.

Backtrack Linux distribution is probably the most comprehensive set of security tools. Hackers and crackers as well as able to appreciate the features of this distribution. If the Black-Hatters, is the simple software that facilitates the secure system of exploitation. White-Hatters, the penetration tester to find the holes in the system. See, everybody wins!

The main features

BackTrack latest features of the penetration of security software. The current Linux kernel is patched so that the special driver installation is not necessary for the attack. For example, a ring of Atheros wireless network card in monitor mode or inject packets without the patch madwifi driver. With BackTrack, you do not have to worry about. It's just plug and play ready to go!

What's great is that this Linux distribution comes Live CD. Then there is no installation required. But what you are going BackTrack, you will realize that this is a must to download and install this OS on your laptop. At the very least, you can download the VMWare Virtual Appliance for chess. Make sure you also install VMware Tools for Linux. Many functions will still work in VMWare State.

* Based: Debian, Ubuntu

* Origin: Switzerland

* Architecture: i386

* Desktop: Fluxbox, KDE

* Category: Forensics, rescue, direct way

* Cost: Free


BackTrack provides users with easy access to a comprehensive collection and great tools related to the safety of port scanners to crack. Support for Live CD and Live USB functionality enables users to boot directly from the BackTrack portable media without installing, even if a permanent installation on the hard drive is also an option.

Return path includes many well-known security tools, including:

* Metasploit integration

* RFMON injection to wireless driver

Kismet *

* Nmap

* Ettercap

* Wireshark (formerly Ethereal)

Beef * (frame browser)

A large collection of software exploits and the most common, such as browsers. BackTrack tools organized in 11 categories:

* Collection of information

* Network mapping

* Identification of vulnerabilities

* Analysis of Web applications

* Radio Network Analysis (802.11, Bluetooth, RFID)

* Penetration (Exploit & Social Engineering Toolkit)

* Privilege Escalation

* To maintain access

* Digital Forensics

* Reverse Engineering

* Voice over IP

can be downloaded here