Browse The Internet Using Windows XP Calculator

12/07/2011 09:36

Have you ever thought of surfing the Internet via the integrated Windows utilities, such as MS Paint, Calculator, Notepad, etc? Yes, you can do it, the utilities built into Windows XP allows you surf the Internet without Internet Explorer.

If you do not know how, so I'm here to share a trick to surf the Internet using the calculator of Windows XP Embedded, Just follow these simple steps:

First Open the Windows Calculator (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Calculator.)

2. Press F1 or open the Help from the Help menu.

3. Click on the icon at the top left of the title bar of the dialog help (looks like a document with a question mark).

4. Select the menu that appears, click Go to URL option.

5. The dialog box, enter a link or a site that you want to open it (type https:// before the site) and then press ENTER.

The site is open now browse your favorite site and enjoy free Internet Explorer.