Change User Password Without Knowing The Password Of Current Computers

28/06/2011 09:37

If you want to change the user password on your Windows computing, but you do not know what the current password, is there an easy way to do that. First, the user you are about to be an administrator user. To determine which type of user you are logged in, go to Start> Control Panel> User Accounts. At the bottom of the window you can see the different users on your computer. Find your user name and user name that is the type of user account you are. Your user must be a computer administrator to change the password without knowing the current password.

Let's start!

1. Click the Start button and select "Run"

The Run window. Write the text, type "cmd" (without quotation marks). Click OK

ND second CMD window displayed. Type "net user"

List of all users, which are displayed on the computer.

3. Type the following: net user <enter user name here without these brackets> *

For example, if you want to change user passwords is Mike, I take:

johnplayers net user *

4. Press enter and you will be asked to enter a new password.

Enter your new password. The cursor will not move Nore, it seems as if nothing happens, but your new password will be achieved.

5. You will be asked to confirm the new password. Write again and then press ENTER.

you just changed the password for the Windows user to know the current password.