Close Any Accounts On Facebook

02/07/2011 10:23

Step 1 - Go to this address:

IMPORTANT: under penalty of perjury, this form is intended only for reporting commemorate a deceased person. Commemorate the bill to set the privacy so that only confirmed friends can see your profile, or trying to search. Wall remains, so friends and relatives may leave a message in memory. Please note that the investigations related, through the form can not be resolved.

Full Name: Enter your full name victims [and surname]

Date of birth: Go to your profile and click the Info tab and get her date of birth.

In E-mail: Do the same thing, go to his profile and click the Info tab, and get their e-mail.

Network: Again, go to his profile and click the Info tab, and get its network, copy and paste into the form.

Web address on the profile you want to report: just go to his profile and copy the URL in the address bar.

Relationship with that person: To make more credible choose immediate family.

equested Action: Delete Profile

Death Proof: This is the hardest part of this form. Now, to test the language of death only to Google, "Death Certificate" or a "Certificate of Death." No matter what country you are, use this test in Italy, and opened in Photoshop or any image

Editor and just write a blank field:

Announcing the death of [name here]. Save the image on your desktop and upload a single image

Free hosting such as:

Italian death certificate:

Additional information: Write what you want, just write that you are in his / her family, and want to close his / her Facebook account because you will not like that when he died, his Facebook opened.

Step 3 - Click Submit and a message appears:

Your loss has been presented the team of Facebook .. The meaning is that Facebook will review your report and the mod will make the right decision. It works most of the time. I closed some of them.

It took me an hour to make this guide.

It took me 1 minute to the wire.

I can use my time to share this with you and others.

You will have 20 seconds to say thank you.