Control Your Computer With Your Mobile Phone

29/07/2011 11:34

There's a program called CellPC that allows you to perform operations on work / home PC via your cell phone or wireless device easy and fast. Imagine being able to shutdown, restart or logout your computer remotely ... finding files on your computer and then send them to your phone ... View real-time screenshots of your computer at any time ... Lock your computer ... Send a message / notes / reminders on your computer ... and more!

CellPC Key Features:

* Make Shutdown, Restart, Log Off

* See a screenshot of your computer

* Search and retrieve files

* See the windows open and close

* Customizable editing commands

* To be notified when the computer is using Vista and close running applications

* Send messages to your computer

* Lock and unlock your computer

* Run to ensure

* Record all attempts to access and control

* Enable / Disable the controls

CellPC can work with any Windows computer, as long as it is a stable internet connection when the software is running.

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