Desktop Shortcut To Lock Your Computer

28/06/2011 21:10

If you use your computer in an area where others can access it and there are things on your system, you would rather confidential, locking your desktop when you leave the computer is an essential task. Here is a recipe for a desktop shortcut that will lock your computer in two simple clicks:

Right click on a desktop area and select "New" then "Shortcut". Shortcut Wizard opens, the first text box, type "% windir% \ System32 \ rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation" and then give your shortcut an appropriate name on the next page, and "Finish ". Success

You will notice that the shortcut you created has a blank icon. You can choose the most appropriate, click on the link and click on "Properties". In the "Connection", click "Change Icon" button.

In the "search icons in the file box ', type"% systemroot% \ system32 \ shell32.dll "and then" OK "to display the different icons on the new link. Select the appropriate icon. Lock the desktop shortcut is now ready for use. Try it.