25/05/2011 20:00
 Disable Wallpaper Change in Windows 7

In windows7 the desktop wall paper can be set against any change. Often people in an organization wants to put a wallpaper which is fixed and cannot be changed by any other user on that computer. The windows Group policy editor setting could be useful for this. This trick allows you to prevent wall  paper change done by different users and keep one fixed fore ever or as far as you want.
 Follow These Steps:

1. Open Group Policy Editor dialogue box by pressing (Win + R)
2. Navigate to Local Computer policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop in left hand side pane.
3. Enable Desktop wallpaper setting by opening the icon shown in right side as in the figure.

4. To use this you have to type the full path of the image file which you want to set as your permanent wallpaper. Also specify whether the wallpaper is centered, tiled or stretched.
5. Press OK.

Thats It.