Disabling The Guest Account In Windows XP

13/08/2011 08:55

Removing the guest account is recommended by security experts

The Guest account is created. As in previous versions of Windows, Guest

has had little effect on the real world and served as another form of

an attacker to access the system, especially because the Guest account is also

no default password.

In Windows XP, there is another story.The guest account can still be an easy target

attackers, but Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional

They are not connected to a network domain, the guest account is an integral part of

to share resources with other computers on the network. In fact, Windows XP

At home, you can not (at least not without jumping through a condition

ring of fire over their heads while singing, Bill Gates ... You get the idea) that

remove the Guest account.

Clicking on Control Panel and go into user accounts to disable the guest

Windows XP Home account, all you have really done is to disable the guest account to the local logon.The not appear on the welcome screen and not

be able to walk and connect to the computer using the Guest account, but

the true power of books and a password will continue to work behind the scenes. In short,

Windows XP Home uses the Guest account for your files and network resources

sharing.Your best option to ensure the guest account in Windows XP Home

is to assign a password, strong password that is difficult to guess or crack

Guest account.

Create a password for the Guest account is not an easy task in Windows

XP Home. When you open the User Account Control Console

Windows XP Home and select the Guest account, create a password is not one of

available options.

To create a password for the Guest account, you must open a command

window (click Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt).

Enter the following: net user guest <password> .

Shelving brackets and simply write the password you want

end of the command line and press Enter. Strangely, now that you've created a password

the guest account, the ability to edit or delete the password

now appear in the console user accounts.