Domain Name Hijacking

23/06/2011 23:57

In this post I will show how domain names are pirates. Hacking a domain name of your original user is known as the deviation of the domain name. Let me explain what this is.

Suppose I bought a domain name. Now I need a web host hosting my website.

Now, how does it work?
When we bought the domain name, we will also have control panel for this domain. This is the control panel, we point our domain to the web server where our files are actually a host.

Ex-I have a domain name and I bought a hosting server. Then the yard, we set our domain to point to our servers web hosting.

Now, how domain hijacked?

To hijack a domain, you need to access the control panel of the domain name and point it to your website server from the original server. In the above example, suppose a person Y wants to hijack the domain name He will try to access the control panel of the ABC. Com domain name. After doing this, it will change to point where Y is hosting its website. Now we see thaty the original site was on but now it goes All visitors to to see another site now.

How to access the domain control panel?

To hijack a domain name, it is necessary to access the control panel of the domain name. To do this we need two infornmations.

First Domain Name

Administrative second e-mail for this domain

It is very easy to get this information on a domain. Use the WHOIS for that. Go to enter the target URL and display. You get the registration whois domain name. Now see the plate and find the administrative e-mail address and the service provider registered for this domain. Now that you have the information for that domain name.

The email address of the administrative domain is the key to hijack the domain name. Now hack the email account. To email account hacking hackers go read the email account of this section of the website.

to access this e-mail id, research in e-mail to the e-mail email registrar. Surely, there will be an e-mail with username and password. If not, go to the website of the registrar and click on Forgot Password and reset the password of your choice. Now you can connect to the control panel of the domain name. Change settings of this domain name.

The domain is shifted ......

Protecting your domain name?

To protect your domain name to protect your administrative email address. Protect your email account is hacked.

A better way is private domain name registration. In this type of registration, your personal information such as address administrative requirements will be hidden from public whois records. And private recording provides additional security and protects your privacy. Private domain registration costs a little extra money, but worth it for its benefits. Each domain registration provides an opportunity to go to private registration, so when you buy a new domain Make sure you choose private registration.