Each Folder As A Folder Of Photos

23/06/2011 13:09

This trick will show you how to set up a folder to view its contents in the photo album. In many cases, you can store images / photos different from the "Images" folder (in "My Documents"). Because this folder has been selected as any other normal folder, the content is displayed file list. You can temporarily modify just right click and select "View", "miniatures". But if you want to change the folder so that every time you come back, the folder itself, as well as all its subfolders, the contents of the display of thumbnails of the photos.
Right-click the folder you choose, and select "Properties"

Select "Customize" tab. Then, under "Use this folder type as a template", select "Pictures (best for many files)"

Check the box "Also apply this template to all subfolders" to regulate the subfoders
Exit now.
you have done it.