Enable And Disable The Thumbnail

28/06/2011 09:42

Activation and deactivation of the thumbnail (popular / recently closed) in the new Google Chrome browser tab


By default, the thumbnail has enabled the closure or decommissioning of this vision is very simple

Step 1: Simply click on X - Close button on the right side of the frame the most visited and recently closed.

Step 2: After clicking the thumbnail display will disappear.

Step 3: While the thumbnail view gone, u can access the most visited and recently closed through links on the left side in a single view.


And back to show thumbnails of the most popular articles or recently closed

Step 1: Click the "most visited" link (text) in the lower left corner

Step 2: You recently visited your links poped up, now click on the "most visited" in the window that poped up.

Step 3: Now the view is the most visited page, then click the arrow to the left.

Step 4: Now you have a thumbnail of the most visited items back.

Step 5: Do the same for the articles recently completed.