18/06/2011 09:12

 I am very unstable here to show you what Ettercap Advance concept is able to do so is a unique tool to do many things ... such

Simple Sniff

DHCP Spoofing

Ettercap filters

The basic functions of scripts

Simple code to block particular website by ettercap filter.

Code of the filter to kill and abandon the connection and the packets of specific IP address

LAN disfigurement site is also used for phishing page

wordpress.filter -> passwd file for garbage

Ettercap Plugins

1. DNS Spoofing

2.Isolating LAN hosts

3.Plugins DoS attacks

4th Discovery Gateway / / Gateway Device Discovery Hidden

5. Catch & find or discover sniffing network / subnet

6th arp to find suspicious activity on the subnet using the plugin

7. Ettercap passive OS with stealth mode undetected.