Facebook Likejacking Attack | Facebook Has Introduced The Anti-Likejacking Solution

23/06/2011 23:55

Likejacking term derives from facebook. It is a kind of clickjacking technique to lure Facebook users suffer side. This is achieved by making the invisible button and place it on another element that is most likely to be clicked by users as the play button on a video player. As a result, users who try to push the game and instead end up liking the page, without your knowledge if you are logged into Facebook.

Likejacking attack was easy to start, because when displayed on third party sites that Facebook, like the button does not require confirmation that something that security researchers have criticized for some time.
But now, Facebook has introduced a new mechanism to prevent likejacking attack requires a confirmation of suspected style. Clicking the button now, as a change to check that a suspect, which is click to open a more detailed request, a pop-up confirmation.