Find Your Cache Folder Of Firefox

30/06/2011 20:54

Firefox use the cache of its range of online games on the hard drive that stores navigation information of a meeting. A session includes the launch to exit Firefox. caching of Web page elements to accelerate the process of loading the page the next time you load the same page. The browser is configured to clear the cache in the default output. (Tools> Options> Privacy tab).

But Firefox delete the cache every time it ends, an expert is still able to restore all the files you have deleted. So if you want a little extra privacy, you must find the location of the cache of Firefox you can shred files by yourself. The cached files are saved in a file that is saved can locate the Documents and Settings. However, this location changes for each version of Windows. So if you need to find the exact location, please follow the steps below:

Find the temporary folder in Firefox

Open Firefox, type about: cache in the address bar, press Enter

Information service of the cache opens, you can find many things like the device cache, the cache disk cache device connected device, etc.

A copy of the cache disk cache sub-region.

Open Windows Explorer (My Computer), Insert the copied item on the address bar ..

Press Enter, and you have the Firefox cache folder in front of you.