Firesheep Protection Against Attacks

23/06/2011 23:53

Firsheep to add is the easiest way to hack Facebook, Gmail, or account for more than an unsecured wireless network. I also wrote about Blacksheep to add more to protect your account Firesheep attack. It 'been a good choice to protect Firesheep. But now I'm going to write another way to protect your account from Firesheep attacks.

The new tower is HTTPS everywhere in Firefox

The Electronic Frontier Foundation developed over HTTPS before Firesheep entered the scene, but was reorganized to provide stronger protection against espionage Firesheep.

Many sites offer limited support for HTTPS encryption, but make it difficult to use. Can default unencrypted HTTP, or to carry encrypted pages with links back to the page in plain text. Everywhere HTTPS extension corrects these problems by rewriting all requests to HTTPS sites. HTTPS browsing alters everywhere for default connection is unencrypted HTTP, but the most secure, encrypted https when a site offers this possibility.
Everywhere HTTPS can protect you when using the sites that support HTTPS and HTTPS regulates Everywhere

Firefox users can download it here: