For 'Hack A Coke Machine

15/07/2011 10:29

Note that is for educational purposes and not

Designed to allow you to actually use on a work machine

Sure there are.

Ok ... Lets Go, you can watch "soda" (r0fl) Free

1. Running machines?

There is a very strict list of vending machines that have the debug menu. First,

they are all Coca-Cola vending machines. This means that huge, not to be missed

image is shown in front of one of the following: Coke, Dasani (Water),

Barq'sRoot Beer, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Evlan (water), Fanta, Fresca,

Frutopia, Hi-C, Sprite Remix, Mad River, Mello Yello, Minute Maid, Nestea, Odwalla,

Mr. pibb / pibb Xtra, Planet Java, Power Ade, Seagram's Ginger Ale just in Orange,

Sparkletts or Tab. Of course, no diet or caffeine-free works too.

The machine must have the LED display. Some parents just allow the LED

to be nominated for one price, quantity, and it will not have the debug menu.

You're safer if the little LED tells you something.

Usually it will scroll a little message like "Ice Cold Cokes". The new machines are more

possible candidates.

2. Menu functions

To enter the menu, there is a combination of keys.

Here the only thing you really need to remember:

[4] - [2] - [3] - [1]

The buttons are numbered according to how they are placed. They

vertical (more likely) or a horizontal row of 4 buttons bars. If it is

vertical, the first button is # 1, the bottom is 2, and so on. If

the buttons are in horizontal lines, the first button is # 1, and the right

is # 2 The numbers are sort after as a writer. Rows of four, the first

Line 2 button is the button # 5

So check in to get the debug menu looks like this:

Coca-Cola machine ::::::

£ 1.00 -------


[Cola] <- Hit this button last

[Coke] <- Hit this button second

[Diet Coke] <- Hit this button third

[Sprite] <- Press,

[And so on]


Part of the text should appear in the LED (probably the "Error" word, we'll tell you what

it means next sections). If nothing happens, your machine does not have debugging


3. Options and errors


You can navigate to an alternative option (what they are is next section), other

Numbering we gave the keys. They work as follows:

Button [1] - Exit / Back

Button [2] - Top

Button [3] - Down

Button [4] - Select


Age of the machine, you will receive a variable amount of default

available options.

On older machines: SALE, VER, and RTN EROR

In the new machines: CASH, SALE, RTN EROR and

CASH - Machine show gains

CASH option will display how much money the car at the time. The

usually takes one or two seconds to load. From there you can walk up and down

12 or 16 different options, depending on the machine age. These other

display options how much money was spent on each item rated

through its button (or slot, as I like to call it) number.

A nice side note on the number of slot is that there are more slot numbers

There is a real place, so usually the last 4 buttons contain zero money. This could

be that the same system could be used in older machines, but the new machines

slot numbers are even more.

SALES - The total count of sale

The put option displays how many drinks are sold on the machine. This

tend to be cumulative, but not on all machines. The stock guy is probably supposed to

to reset this every time you re-stock. This is also the same variation

CASH option, where you can scroll up and down and see how beverage

been sold from each location.

VER - System / Machine Version?

This option will be approved by large alphanumeric LCD display.

The number looks very much like the serial number, but varies from machine

machine. Most likely the OS or a version number of the machine, but the first

machines that have the opportunity, I have not seen, which is not the same


EROR - Error Log

There are 8 different types of errors - Colja (Column Jams), vend (vend


port (switch port), Sels (Select Switch), CHAR (Changer Errors), acce (Acceptor

Errors), s (space-sales errors), and BVAL (Bill Validators). Separate

types and actual errors are useless, since you can not go into assumably machine

BUT (! You can clear the error. Hold ENTER (number 4) for about 2

seconds, and you should clear the error.

RTN - Return

This is simply the return option. Select this leaves the debug menu. Most Recent

machines, pressing the Back button on the main menu does not exit, and RTN is



As a side note: you can exit the menu by pressing the coin return.


While holding down the exchange of money and not returning, the latest "big-button"

machines, this seems an internal temperature of Fahrenheit, such as "f 42."

** Update **

There are many menu options that are only accessible if it were any

activated from the computer inside the machine, or on the internal computer behind

the door (Probably not feasible, you can use).

CPO - Coin Payment

You can download the coins into the coin box, and menu options

You choose what type of parts are undervalued.

tVFL - Fashion filling tube

And 'useless. This allows you to upload coins to the coin tubes, which

You can not do outside.

TEST - Test routine

This allows you to test different routines include:

SE allows you to test the buttons. It will give you the number

When you press the button to

SP grueling rowing. Not sure, most likely internal function.

Su Sold-out switch test. Same as paddle.

CO Motor test. Will run different engines column.

Cn Coin test Put a piece and he'll tell you what kind


nA bill test. Cn same, but the bills.

DSP Test View. Different LED lights.

vers rattles off the version number.

Trust - Relay Test

This tests the relay electronic control of several parts. Failure to do so because it will be

cause damage if various internal parts are not unplugged before usage.

PASS - Password

This is normally not available, but you can change the menu password

4-2-3-1. Whoo!

Prices - the price-adjustment

Used to set the price of a drink. Do not know how it works, but it seems simple


In the short term - a routine satellite sales

You can change the STS routine and other options. This means that various buttons

all mean the same thing, ie 6 coke buttons do not actually vend 6

different columns, but vend from one (changing when it runs out of course).

CON - Machine Configuration / Permissions

This is the setup menu of the machine to decide which of these options are allowed

To access via the outer panel. This is probably only accessible with the door

open. I do not go into details, but I will list the numbers of configuration and do all things: C1

fixed price menu, C2 sets special (manufacturer) options on), C3 disables

"Coca Cola Ice Cold" message. C4 is a menu autoviewing when the door is opened, C5 is

switch port status, C6 is mysteriously reserved for "future use", C7 determines

if your credit is money in 5 minutes or indefinitely, C8 is Force Vend,


allows multiple vends without that extra money (ie put a 5 and you get 3 of coca

and then change), and C10 is the negation efforts.

CCoC - Change only correct control

Rule Change correct only rule to your liking.

Time - the time adjustment

You can set the machine to local time.

Lang - Language

Not sure how many languages ​​are supported, but it is apparently more than


It is possible to get free drinks (unlimited), the price changes, etc. etc.

Try it, it really works with the big red machine ^ ^