Free Aircel GPRS With 3G Speed Browser Opera Mini

23/06/2011 00:37

to do the following:

Step 1 - Download Opera Mini 4.2 down.

Step-2 with the open, has a menu in the first select box to manage my habit? Let h? 1 Tel.

Step 3-Now scroll down below and the type of proxy you see no exchange proxy to the host.

Step-4 and my attorney? Three hours? Tel.

5Now you and open Pocket Internet Options. Inistalize see him, and now free to use. If a vacuum region of the structure 3G, you can choose to organize committees UTMSmode of mind, and now you see you can find the 3G speed.

In fact, you can use any free software application in which the manager Present the menu. Rember, this work continiously tricks up Free Aircel.