Free Calling to Any US Phone From Your iPhone

04/06/2011 14:43

This method REQUIRES a WiFi connection and jailbroken iPhone!!!

Thanks goes to Unique311 at internettablettalk for first showing me how to do this on the Nokia N800/N810 Internet Tablets. Iâ?™m sure others came before him on the PC method. Whatâ?™s new is it now works on the iPhone.

You need 3 accounts:

1) grandcentral at (Edit: This should be your first check – they look to be closed for new users)

2) gizmo at

3) Fring on your iPhone (

Watch gigafiedâ?™s video to get started:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You donâ?™t need to install Gizmo if youâ?™re using just the iPhone. But free calling from the PC will require the softphone of Gizmo.

The extra step Unique311 shows is adding the gizmo number to each contact in grandcentral. For the iPhone, watch up to 1:32. By the way, you have to enter contacts that you want to call on your iPhone in grandcentral on your PC, and unfortunately thatâ?™s still a manual process. Here’s Unique311’s video:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Now…install Fring. Instructions here:
Once you get Fring installed

Open Fring.
Tap â?œCommunitiesâ?
Enter your Gizmo username and password
Enter Proxy as:

I then tap on the â?œDialerâ?

Leave that open (Don’t “Exit”) and click the â?œHomeâ? button to go back to the Springboard.

Open Safari.

Go to

Log in.
Click â?œContacts.â?
Click a contact.

Click the word â?œcallâ? next to the phone number. Fring will pop up and ask you to Accept or Decline. Click Accept and your free call is placed. (If you accidentally click the phone number, a black/gray screen pops up with the number and you can Cancel or Call. Cancel this. This is placing your call over the cell/mobile providers network = not free.)

It sounds complicated, but once you get setup and grandcentral bookmarked â?“ it only takes a few seconds to make a call.

Fring is nice software,  it worked well on my one-hour free call from Berlin, Germany to Minnesota last night.

PS: Use the Gizmo softphone (just leave it open when calling from grandcentral) for free PC calls and similar VOIP phones on Windows Mobile and the Nokia Internet Tablets.