22/06/2011 20:15

You can save maintenance costs if the computer is cleaned regularly. This will improve cooling and performance components. Your team can damage components if not keep the base clean regularly, because dust is the main cause of the warmth of your system and heat link to hardware failure.

 Never leave your computer on the floor, always use the computer table or shelf for this purpose.

 To clean the computer case first disconnect the system power outlet. Remove all cables and connectors on the back of the computer.

 Now blow air around all the hardware and away from your blower nozzle 4 to 5 inches away from the main board components. You can use the vacuum cleaner for this purpose but compressed air is a better way to clean a system.

 At the end, using a damp cloth or spray cleaning fluid in the computer case and use paper towels to dry.

 Never clean inside computer components or other circuits with a damp cloth or wet.