Google Chrome Shortcuts and tricks

17/06/2011 09:35

Google Chrome Shortcuts and tricks
There are already several articles on the web that contains information about using Google Chrome for a long time and there may be experiments with it.

Laboratory browser named Google a few months old with a beautiful title "Google Chrome", was released last year. A surprise to most of the players online, and we are always happy with that.

This position is for an average user, and that progress can and do find their way on their own.

I hope you already know the basic agreement with the usual interaction with the browser interface. If you do not then get some lessons before reading further.
Using tabs

* Ctrl + T: Open a new tab

* Ctrl + Shift + T: To undo the last closed tab

* Ctrl + W: Close the current tab

* Ctrl + Tab: switch between open tabs now

* Ctrl + Page Down: Move to the next tab

* Ctrl + Page: Go to the previous tab

Edit page

* SPACE: for scrolling page

* Shift + Space bar to scroll the page

Text Search

* Ctrl + F: Opens the find box, type your keywords

* Ctrl + G: Go to the next qualified Results

Social bookmarking

* Bookmark Ctrl + D of the current tab


* Ctrl + L: focus on changing the address bar

If you are an easy to use Mozilla Firefox, they will have no problems with the keyboard shortcuts above, they are almost the same as Mozilla Firefox.

Let the keyboard shortcuts useful and widely used in Google Chrome
OTHER WAY IS : Folder-name + {HOLD ALT+0160}
Simplified Bookmarks

Now let's take a look at the opportunities that Google Chrome gives bookmarking.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + D

You can access the manager directly to book this keyboard shortcut, ie Ctrl + Shift + B.

You can customize the markers editing your data, such as keywords and URL. We can also create folders and subfolders.

If you want to create a new bookmark manually, then you can do, → Add the Order section of the report page and a new folder → Add Folder to Order section.

Google Chrome has recently added the ability to import and export saved bookmarks. You can access these options in the Tools section. The bookmarks will be saved in an exported HTML file.

This marker is so easy with Google Chrome.

Easy Download

Downloading is easy and without problems in Google Chrome. After recording a file on the PC to download automatically at startup.

You can view current and past downloads by going to the download manager for this keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + J and pause / resume downloads.

Customizing basic user page

For your convenience, reading Google Chrome lets you resize the text according to your convenience.

Keyboard shortcuts, using the text zoom ..

* Ctrl + +: to increase the text size

* Ctrl + -: to decrease the text size

Developers can access tools developed in the developer section, such as View Source, Debug JavaScript, JavaScript Console, Task Manager.
Smart Search

You can directly search the web using the Google search engine in the address bar.

Google Chrome web browser - image

A search function more interesting is that you can run a website (currently only Google Sites) of the address field by pressing the TAB key, if it shows.

Google Chrome Web browser - Photos

And when you search using the website above method automatically added to TAB tried using the search bar to the sidebar on the new tab.

Google Chrome browser - image

One-click Web Application

In this decade ends for web browsing is not in any way simple enough to visit web pages. During this decade, we have tended to use different, and many Web-based applications, such as Orkut, Gmail, Facebook, and more.

Easy for users Google Chrome get one-click access to our favorite web applications.

All you need do is "Control the current page" Go right after the section of the address bar and select "Create application shortcuts .." and create a shortcut to this application or the desktop or the Start menu or Quick Launch bar.

Task Manager and Crash Recovery


* Shift + Esc

Since the average user can use Task Manager to check the memory usage of every open tab, CPU usage and active network (s).

It is unique and beneficial tab Google Chrome, if a plant is only then that particular tab is closed and a warning.

If by chance your browser will go down if you have the option to restart the browser and restore your tabs below.