Hacking Windows with Linux

25/06/2011 20:03

im writing the thing that allows you to hack the admin password in Windows using Linux.

The first is Windows installed on your computer and then use a linux live CD, here we will use a live CD of Ubuntu.

Boot from the Live CD and perform step 7 easy to hack the administrator password of Windows.


1: Install a program called chntpw

The command is: $ sudo apt-get install chntpw

The installed rpm pakage Packege to change your password.

2: After a successful installation chntpw, you have access to Windows NTFS partition, mount it and then read / write.

Use system call.

3: After that, go to the Windows / system32/config

use the cd command to navigate.

4: Once inside the configuration directory, this command:

$ Sudo chntpw SAM

Command to reset the administrator password.

As you are safe Windows Linux are ignored and the password can be changed easily.

5: An information screen will always follow.

Just ignore them.

6: Once you are prompted to reset your password, you should leave the password blank with an asterisk (*).

7: Restart windows and you can now access the full Windows administrator privileges.