Hide any files and folders using Command Prompt

11/08/2011 22:55

Tips to hide files and folders using the command prompt

The most important thing is that you can access all search options, even if you click

"Show hidden files and folders" that can not be considered

Hide files and folders most popular work today is very important and it's really tedious to do finde also this tedious job easy

I'll give you something of the moment

For example: you have a folder named "MyBooks" and this folder is stored (disk E) think that it should not be seen as foreign, who use a computer

For that you must follow the instructions given by me

Step 1:

* Press R + windowkey

* Run the command in the dialog box

* Now type "cmd"

* Prompt

Step 2:

* Now type "attrib + s + h E: \ MyBooks"

* Enter button

* The folder "MyBooks" is hidden (Note: You can access all the search options)

You can view the folder again instead of ('+' get '-') required for the folder.