How Automatic Defrag Drives

21/06/2011 09:17

How Automatic Defrag Drives
Automatic defragmentation of disks and thought I might as well post a tutorial about it here. Basically, it allows you to defragment a disk by right-clicking and selecting "defrag."

To do this open Notepad and paste the following code:

; Context_defrag.INF

, Add Defrag to the right click context menu in Windows XP

[Version] Signature = "$ CHICAGO $"

[DefaultInstall] AddReg = AddMe


HKCR, "Drive \ shell \ Defrag \ command ",,," Defrag.exe% 1" Next save it as context_defrag.inf at your desk or anywhere ... (Note: Make sure to save as all the files and not text documents!)

Right click on it, select Install and you're ready to begin the defragmentation!