How can secure wireless network

10/08/2011 22:50

First, the wireless network should be blocked. (A wireless network is as unlocked

to put your own personal filing cabinet O'Connell Street and then let everything from

have a "look in"). It also means that people can steal bandwidth, ie, they can

backpack on the back of your Internet connection, free internet access, at the same time

time to slow down its own connection. The best way to lock down your network is to use a

method of encryption such as WEP (minimum) or WPA (more secure). WPA or WPA2

If your network hardware supports - is much more secure than WEP. Ascertain

password you use is strong. A password for your wireless network, such as "united2008"

there is strong again as a hexadecimal


is much more secure.

Change the network name to something other than the default. For example, the wireless

network could be called Eircom 5236 889985 or Netgear WGT 624 These should be changed.

Potential hackers to tell what kind of router you have only made life easier for them.

Another thing you can do to protect your wireless network is to ensure change

code standard connection on your router. Most routers have admin or public

Default user ID and the password! Most hackers are already aware of this

security weakness. These should also be changed to something more secure.