How Do I Get Rid Of A Worm

01/07/2011 16:58

here are many bad codes and programs can affect the performance of our PC, this threat is a worm or simply called worms, can be found frequently on the Internet through size really small.

The damage caused by this malware can seriously affect the network and the computer system, therefore a comprehensive process of cleaning should be performed immediately after the discovery, the way this threat will be eradicated from the computer properly, or if the cleaning process cancellation or simply has not been activated, the network server and web pages will automatically collapse.

In conclusion, the computer worm is a small program that can cause great harm to our system and the database in the transmission network. It has the ability to multiply, so that as it will be stronger to face off cleaning process or the system against the virus. For this reason, this type of malware is attentive as a real bad code.

Initially, these types of worms do not affect your operating system just because his first task was to reproduce before the data can attack the network. These lesions can affect the administrator works by consuming a large amount of resources, or maybe he could change the virtual memory to how the process of program implementation will be slower than normal, and the switch the operating system to keep depending on the status. On the Internet, its distribution even faster, because it can cause unexpected overload and a lower flow rate data.

As mentioned previously, as a worm to cause damage, such as overloading the network and system, to prevent network traffic due to excessive abuse of system resources consumed as a result, the user may suffer a loss of many important documents and files.

These worms use email programs like P2P IRC or SMTP to propagate. Once installed on the system arrived, will be sent automatically to every contact with the victim, disguised as important messages to documents to download. It is very commonly found in instant messaging conversations as Yahoo and Hotmail.

Develop a cleaning system to completely remove this worm, and everything else that is very simple, if you're with the right program. The AVG ( is a free distribution and is very effective in developing the process of cleani9ng in part or total. Antivir There is also the (, which is able to eliminate any type of worm and offers a wide range of cleaning tools, such as (Avast https://www. Avast. Com / en-ww / free-antivirus-download), is another program that can develop the same work as a heuristic process free. Besides all the antivirus programs discussed above, there is a program ( CoolWebSearch faces only the super-strong and suspicious pop-ups.

Finally, you should avoid opening suspicious sites or download files, documents, packages, for example. Rar OR. Zip. In addition, you must be careful about the documents and messages received by e-mail or talk to suspicious messages.

The USB flash drive, as are also victims of this worm, which is why it is important to always try to avoid inserting an infected computer. Sometimes, if you use programs like P2P to download files, you should put a limit to this activity by activating the firewalls on the boot drive, control panel and security system. Following are some of the most special documents may be infected with this worm: ACE, stroke, ACM, ARJ, TSA, ASP, AX, BAV, and BIN, BAT, or 386.