How Do I Know If My Computer Can Run A Game Or Not

03/07/2011 09:16

If only playing Solitaire or Minesweeper on the computer or play games online, then you do not need this service, that these games can run on any computer.But if you play games created by game companies like EA, Ubisoft, etc. , then this advice will be helpful.

As there are many games and play these games, your computer must have some minimum requirements if the game will not work. "Can you run?" Is a useful free online service that automatically scans your computer and see if you can run a certain game or not.

How to find if your computer can run a game or not?

visit this site:

Now select the game you want test.You can either type the name of the game, or select from the dropdown menu.

Once you have chosen your game, click Run, Can you? Button

To test your computer will download a small ActiveX control (Internet Explorer) or Java applets (Firefox / Chrome) and scan your system configuration.

Result will be given detailed information about each component and also tell you how your computer does not meet the requirements.