How Do You Know If Your Web Server Is A Windows-or Linux-based

17/06/2011 18:28

How Do You Know If Your Web Server Is A Windows-or Linux-based
Its very easy to take on a system, if you know the server operating system.

Well this is learn't something practical experience.

Just follow the steps: -

1) Go to the link below and find the IP address of the site you want to collect information. You can do this by typing its name in the Get IP

(This step is optional, just to tell you that it can be done that way as well):-P

2) Go to Run-> type CMD

Type CMD

_Website_Name Target table. For EG-ping


ping target_website / computer_ip_address. For example: -

Now you will see a series of ping requests from

We are qurious  to view the TTL time you can see the end of each ping request.


1) If TTL 64 <, then the server is based on Linux

2) If TTL> 64 but <128, the server is Windows bsaed

3) TTL> 128 Mac and others.

Apart from the screenshot above, it is clear that Google's servers are based on Linux.

Note: - In some cases, you can not get ping responses (for example, attempts on the PC of your friend). Now, this can be for two reasons, the server is down .. ie, the machine is not connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the most common reason, the firewall is to protect the PC and not allow your request for access to this system.

The same can happen if some of the sites and the reason is the same.
Warning: - If you try this on your friends machine so do not enter the local IP address like

 goto and check the IP address from there.