access your mobile remotely?

04/06/2011 15:18
Signup with and install a application (.sis ) file on nokia phone to
access mobile from computer(internet).
We can access:
 Guest and friend user accounts
 Calendar - manage your calendar, and share your availability for others too
 Messaging - SMS inbox/outbox and SMS sending

Phone log - view missed calls
 Contacts - manage your contacts easily
 Blog - tell stories on your journeys
 Camera - share instant pictures
 Gallery - browse pictures taken with camera phone, and share them to others
 Guestbook - visitors can leave their comments
 Contact me - visitors can send instant messages to you
 Presence - share your status and device state
 Web chat - communicate with friends
 Start and stop your mobile site from the web
 Share your mobile site content via RSS feeds (NEW)
Your carrier might charge you for data traffic caused by Mobile Web Server. Consult your
carrier about data transfer fees. Mobile Web Server includes a data transfer counter to estimate
your Mobile Web Server data traffic amount.