How To Boost Speed Reliance NETCONNECT Data Card

03/08/2011 09:55

We have a lot of 3G data cards available in India, with unlimited use of a slightly higher price, but the dependence NETCONNECT and BSNL 3G would be a good choice in terms of speed and coverage. Plans for broadband wired or wireless connection might be a disadvantage that the bandwidth available to pay the rate. May be due to the decision of the operators' to avoid overloading the servers.

Now we can run over the ISP settings, certainly not possible to overwrite anything, but can be optimized. The things we can change the standard to better the TCP / IP and DNS servers.

Procedure for the better Internet speed:

TCP / IP settings.

Windows XP or Windows 7 is installed with the default transfer unit (MTU) and TCP Receive Window and TTL settings. This could be replaced by a type of software that allows you to select each option and put some value to all. However, this software is old but well known can be used to select the proper configuration for the selected bandwidth.

1. Download TCP / IP Optimizer

2. Here comes the slider to select the desired bandwidth. It 'best to experiment with the slider values ​​1000kbps and 2500kbps for the expected value of the NetConnect Broadband Plus. All you have to do with this tool is to select the bandwidth of 1000kbps, select optimal settings at the bottom, to appeal to restart the computer. Check Internet speeds for browsing and download speeds. If it is not right, then more sliding scale bandwidth (for example, 1280kbps), and further testing to find the optimal settings for a connection.

Use Google's DNS servers to speed up the data card:

A DNS server is actually a search server, which searches the web address entry and converse or points to their server space, where the site is stored. This trick does not really improve anything between the web server and your computer, but using a domain server with big eyes. Now google DNS servers work very quickly, so that we can specify the use of NETCONNECT connection.

1. For XP, My Computer- My Network Places> Network Connections.

2. Now select confidence, right click and select Properties.

3. On the Network tab, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties

4. Complete the following fields:

the DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Click Ok so you have configured DNS servers.
now check your new speed.