how to Clone A CD

21/06/2011 21:01

Cloning a CD is a good option to save everything on the CD. When copying the files from the CD, not copy the CD parameters as brands and other things. However, the cloning of a CD copy of all information, including the CD label, etc type of CD, and saves on your hard drive. This is useful when you copy a bootable CD in which the parameters are configured so that computers can boot from it. Here we show software that can be used to clone your CD, DVD with all its parameters.
Device drop-down menu, select the CD source, for example. F: \. Adjust the slowest speed possible. Because if you turn too fast, then the destination image file may be corrupted. In the destination image file, select the folder where you want to save to CD and choose the ISO format. ISO format can be recorded with any CD burning software, so you better if you want.

After implementation of the above settings, click Start. Then the program will start cloning the CD.