How To Detect IP Addresses Anonymised

21/06/2011 21:00

As the scammers are becoming more sophisticated in circumventing controls geolocation using proxies (anonymous IP) for forging IP addresses, has become very necessary to find a way to detect proxies for the authenticity of the users can verify. The use of a proxy (web proxy) is the most simple and easy to hide the IP address of an Internet user and maintain online privacy. However, approximations are widely used by online scammers to commit cyber crimes, it is the best way to hide their true location as a city / country through a fake IP address. Here are some examples in which scammers use proxy servers to hide your real IP address.
Bypass the site of the country-specific restrictions

Some services of the site is limited to users represent only a list of selected countries. For example, a paid survey is limited only to countries like USA and Canada. Thus, a user that China may use a proxy, so that its IP seems to have come from the United States so he can earn participate in the survey paid.
Credit Card Fraud

For example, say a Nigerian scammer trying to purchase items online with a billing address in stolen credit card associated with New York. Most merchants credit card use geolocation to block orders from countries like Nigeria and other countries at high risk. So to overcome this limitation, credit card fraudster uses a proxy to emulate its IP address so it appears to be from New York. IP address appears to be legitimate when it is in the same city as the billing address. A proxy-check will be required to demonstrate that order.
Proxy detection services

So to stop such fraud online is the registration by proxy is essential. Today most companies, merchants and credit card websites dealing with e-commerce transactions using proxy registration services which Maxmind fraud and laboratories to detect the use of proxy IP or false enter online users.

Proxy Detection Web Services provide instant detection of anonymous IP addresses. Although the use of the proxy address that you are not a direct indication of fraudulent behavior, it is often the user to hide his real IP. Indeed, some Internet service providers frequently used as AOL and MSN kinds of proxies, and is used by consumers both good and bad.

How Proxy Detection Works?
How Proxy Works Registration?

Services proxy detection is often based on IP addresses to determine if the IP is the proxy. Merchants can get the IP address of a user HTTP header, which comes from their website. This IP address is sent to the proxy service to detect in real time to confirm its authenticity.

Services proxy detection instead of comparing this with an IP against a list of known IP of the proxy server reported. If the IP is not listed, has been verified and a confirmation will be sent to the merchant. Otherwise, it is reported to be suspected of having a power of attorney. These services operate continuously proxy detection, or take a list of multiple IP are commonly used to proxy server. This has been possible to establish whether a specific IP address is a proxy or a fake IP.

How To Tell If A Given IP Address Is Real Or Proxy?
There are some free sites that allow you to determine whether a particular IP is a proxy. You can use the free services, such as WhatisMyIPAddress detect the proxy server. Enter the field suspect IP and click on "Find Address" to check your IP address. If you suspect of being a proxy so you can see the results.