How To Export Your Facebook Contacts with Facebook Friend Exporter

16/08/2011 09:55

Facebook Friend is a big exporter plugin extension chrome or export all contacts from Facebook every CSV file or directly from the listing of Google.

Now the process is very simple, which includes the installation of the extension and then simply following procedure will be continued.

Follow these steps to export your contacts now.:

First you must first Chrome browser to download.

2. Now that you've downloaded Chrome, and Chrome will open to install the extension Friend Facebook exporter.

download it here https: / / / webstore / details / ficlccidpkaiepnnboobcmafnnfoomga #

3. Now that you've installed the expansion with the opening of and get something under the option:

4. So as you can see friends of export! Option in the picture above and get this, right-click it.

Now you want some fifth Redirection ask that you allow.

So now sixth, click Redirect now and a new window appears with your process began exporting friends.

7th Now the process is complete it will ask you to save the CSV file you can download from Google or Yahoo and make contacts to expand.