How To Find The URL Of An Image Or A Picture On The Internet?

21/06/2011 20:54

URL (uniform resource locator) is essentially something that is on the Internet. In this case, we want to find the URL of an image or an image that is already stored on the Internet. So, for example, if you see a picture of a particular site, I will show you how to find the url for the image of the logo, or image.

How to find the URL of an image or a picture on the internet?

 First we need to find a logo picture or image you want to find the URL.

 Next, place the mouse pointer on the image and right click your mouse.

 A menu will appear. Go to the bottom of the menu and choose Properties.

The properties of the photo or image is now displayed.

You can look down the URL of the image.
 Then click the mouse on the blue selection and a menu.

 Select copy.

You can now paste this URL anywhere you want.