How To Format A USB Flash Drive Infected With A Virus Using Command Prompt

01/07/2011 22:54

This simple trick format allows you to format a USB drive is infected with a virus using command prompt in Windows. There may be some situations where you can not format your USB drive by right clicking and selecting format. Simply because the script of the virus inside the pendrive does not allow such things. If you try to delete the virus file. Exe autorun.exe as such, it can return immediately because the virus program is a sensitive issue.

But most of the time, a format pen drive virus using cmd permanently delete the file using. So here are the steps to format a USB key with a command prompt window.

* First, insert the disk into the USB port Thum

* Open My Computer and find your USB drive letter
Open a command prompt (Start, Run = "cmd" without the quotes)

C: \ Documents and Settings \ flash drive name-h

Now the prompt creation of the file system check and ask you to enter a name for the disc - Name of volume.

After giving a volume name, press Enter.

You are done.