How To Hack A Password?

26/06/2011 09:56

First method of attack Brute force.

2nd Sniff

3. Social engineering

Fourth with the help of tools.

5. with the aid of precompiled hash (MD5 rainbow tables)

How to override the default password for Win XP?

Each Windows XP does not have an administrator password to access the default user.For

system will do the following:

1. Type <ctr> + <alt> + <del> (Delete key is pressed twice)

2. When we change classic style logon screen, then enter your user name:

administrator and the password to fill in anything to connect, then press ENTER or the connection.

 This method works in the new facility in Windows XP machine. If the administrator

change the password, it will not work. For this we use another method to hack

administrator password with Backtrack4 (Live CD) and Win software hack.