How to Hack and Spy on a Webcam

11/06/2011 18:31

How to Hack and Spy on a Webcam
I get a lot of emails where my readers are asking for help to find out if his/her partner is cheating on them, chatting to someone she/he shouldn't be, etc. So here i decided to answer this question, and to get it clear once for all.
Today there are softwares called RATs (Remote Administrator Tools) that are mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC’s, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sending him file called Server and they need to click it. With a RAT, you can make the party download files, view their desktop/webcam, and more.

Except the advantages of using a RAT, there are also few disadvantages that you should know about:

1. The RATs are detected by the most anti-virus software.
2. You can get infected by using a RAT.
3. You can get traced when you rat somebody.

In this article i am going to share A step by step guide that allows you to remotely access anybody's webcam, microphone, files and desktop from anywhere in the world, without to worry about the things i mention above.

You can install this on any PC and monitor who ever uses that PC, or even someone passing by. There are no system requirements and this works 99.9% of the time.

This also includes the ability to:

    * Access almost any computer anywhere without knowing the computer password or IP Address.
    * Record and watch any webcam at the same time.
    * Record desktop action and watch at the same time.
    * Dig deep into files, download then and upload new ones.
    * Watch a webcam from any PC in the world.
    * Monitor activities whenever that PC or laptop is online.
    * Save all recordings in a number of file types.

Download this software from any source by searching on google.

search example:type-"RAT    94FBR"