How to Hack any Password?

30/05/2011 22:03

1. Brute force attack method.
2. Sniffing
3. Social Engineering
4. with help of Tools.
5. with help of Precompiled Hash (Rainbow tables, MD5)

How to bypass default Win Xp password?
Every Windows XP does not have a default password for administrator user.For accessing the
system we follow these steps:
1. type <ctr>+<alt>+<del> (del button is pressed 2 times)
2. After our Logon screen change to classic style then we type username as:
administrator and in password fill nothing for login then press enter or login.
Note: This method works on fresh installation on windows xp machine. If administrator
changes the password it will not work. For that we use another method to hack
administrator password with the help of Backtrack4 (Live CD) and Win hack Software.
How to Enable Automatic Logon in Windows?
If you set a computer for auto logon, anyone who can physically obtain access to the
computer can gain access to all of the computer contents, including any network or
networks it is connected to. In addition, if you enable autologon, the password is stored in
the registry in plaintext. The specific registry key that stores this value is remotely
readable by the Authenticated Users group.
As a result, this setting is only appropriate for cases where the computer is physically
secured, and steps have been taken to ensure that untrusted users cannot remotely access
the registry.
1. Start/Run/Regedit, and then locate the following registry subkey:
2. Using your account name and password, double-click the DefaultUserName entry, type
your user name, and then click
3. Double-click the DefaultPassword entry, type your password, and then click OK.
Change User Password at Command Prompt
net user <user_name> <new_password>.
c:\> net user administrator 123123