17/06/2011 08:44

Hacking personal and confidential documents

Using Google, it is possible to access an e-mail repository containing the CV of hundreds of people that were created when searching for their jobs. Documents containing their address, phone number, date of birth, education, work experience etc. can be found just a few seconds.

intitle: "curriculum vitae" "phone * * *" "* address" "email"

You can get a list. Xls (Excel documents), which contain contact information, including e-mail and a large number of people. You can do this by typing your search query and press Enter.

filetype: xls inurl: "email.xls"

You can also get information on all documents that contain information about bank accounts, financial summaries and credit card numbers, using the following query

intitle: index.of finances.xls

3. Google Hacking for Free Stuffs

Have you ever wondered how to hack Google for free music or books. Well here's a way to do it. You can download music only to receive the following query into the Google search box and press enter.

"Intitle:? Index.of mp3 Eminem"

Now you can get the whole album of Eminem index, where you can download songs for your selection. Instead, subtitute Eminem is the name of a favorite albums. You can search for e-books, you just need to be replaced by "Eminem" the name of a favorite book. Also replace the "mp3? With" pdf "or" zip "or" RAR ".