How To Hack User ID And Password EBay

29/06/2011 09:11

how to hack a password on your eBay account. This means I will be phishing. Phishing is one of the easiest ways to hack Web sites of all user names and passwords. You can download a fake website appears legitimate, then send a link to the victim and trick him to enter his credentials to bogus Web page, which then sends the information to you. It 'very simple and very effective.

How to hack eBay account:

First First you download eBay phisher

Click here to download the phisher eBay
2. The downloaded file contains:

* Ebay.html

* Ebaylogin.php

* Log.txt

3. Now download these three files on a free host. You can try,
4. After sending this link to a (ebay.html) Phishers just the victim and his mark in his eBay account is sent to the phisher.

5th When he connects to his eBay account using the phisher has written all his ID and eBay password is stored in "log.txt".

6. Now open log.txt username and password hacked as shown on eBay.

That's it.  this tutorial Phishing is a full proof and you can now hack the eBay account using eBay Phishing.