How to Hack with Java Script

22/07/2011 08:42


You must first obtain a "source": Set the maximum security of Internet Explorer high, click on the link and level 1 is at the top of the menu bar, Internet Explorer, File, Edit, View, etc. Click on "View" "Source" . This takes the Notepad window. Search:

Password = prompt ("Enter the password Password !","") = prompt (" Enter the password !","")

This ensures a message box you can type, enter a password is stored in the variable "safety."

if (password == "simple") if (password == "simple")

This control of "Password" (which is written) is "easy", the password for Level 1 is where the "easy".

Set back from the middle up and click on the link for the type 1 and level "easy".

Use the same procedure to get the "Source".


Once you have retrieved the Notepad window, there will be a lot of code. Just scroll down and find the following:

var m1, i, m1, i;

m1 = "JavaScript"; M1 = "JavaScript";

value = prompt ("Enter the password !",""); value = prompt (" Enter the password !","");

if (value == M1) {if (value == m1) (

RubicusFrontendIns.location = value + "htm."; RubicusFrontendIns.location = value + "htm.";

i = 4 i = 4;

What you type is stored in the variable "value",

if (value == M1) if (value == m1)

"M1" is a variable that contains a value. Look above:

M1 m1 = "JavaScript" = "javascript"

The password is "javascript".