How To Maintain Computer Hardware

30/06/2011 09:52

learn to keep your computer updated in top shape with tips for computer maintenance. Always seem to talk about computer maintenance, but not maintenance of computer equipment. We even have a checklist of comprehensive computer maintenance, but maintenance of computer equipment is only mentioned briefly.

Care Computer Hardware

Computer Tips 1: Clear Wind

Hot computer die quickly. You probably know the science class in elementary school that most materials expand when heated. There are different ways to stop a computer from overheating. Equipment is manufactured to strict measures of processor your computer has parts that are measured in nanometers, and in other parts of the computer as just built, so that when the computer gets too hot, and things that grow too large, the team can die.

Part of the computer, which usually dies first is the hard disk. Inside your hard drive are small ball bearings, which rotate thousands of times per minute into small pieces. When you expand from the heat, rub their brand and wear faster. When the ball hard bearing wear, does not replace the disk drive is toast. You must also observe the dust to accumulate power.

The easiest way to keep cool is to make sure the vents are clear. First, check to see if anything is to prevent the ventilation openings, too often, I find the way of computers pushed back against the wall, so that the holes are clogged. Secondly, make sure the dust air vents and clean if necessary. Opening of the computers tend to be large, so it is sufficient to check the vacuum every year or two (more often if you smoke near your computer).

Tip maintenance of computer equipment 2: Clean the inside

The same advice applies to clean the vents are on the inside of your computer too. I know to open a computer case is a pain, but if you do not clear the dust that collects under the computer processor and graphics processor extra fans, these two essential components will eventually over heat. Change is cost about $ 200, while cleaning every year will cost you only a short time, plus $ 3 for compressed air.

To clean the inside of the computer, turn off the computer and unplug the power cord, then open the computer case and use compressed air to blow dust. Make sure you cover your eyes and try not to inhale until the dust settles. If you are really serious, use of swimming goggles and a mask.

Computer Tips # 3: Keep Guard Static Bags

Tech Computer use son almost imperceptibly small, many of them on printed circuit boards. Because they are so small, these cables are very sensitive to shock, like a static shock you sometimes feel when you touch a metal doorknob in winter.Cables Unlimited ACC-1472 10 inch x 12 inch metallic antistatic bags - Pack 10

Even a small shock can damage one of these lines and destroy all electronic equipment. Fortunately, you can easily protect against most of the static discharge by saving your electronics in a special bag. The travel bag has a son through it, do what scientists call a Faraday cage electric. (Science Museums Many have a great demonstration of a Faraday cage on a human scale, where the protesters are in a cage which deflects the bolts of lighting at the front of the audience.)

All the electronics stores that will buy the team come inside of those bags. Usually when you need saving, but you can also buy bags of the static test for cheap at Amazon.

Computer Tips 4: Avoid moisture

Everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix, but even I sometimes forget how the water is really sneaky. When water enters your computer, it can cause the son of two short to send their electricity through a course designers do not intend, which temporarily disables your computer. If the short persists long enough, it can generate enough heat to melt one or more small son in the computer, break the component forever.

If possible, I suggest you only use your computer in a room with controlled temperature, with a sign on the door without drinks, but here are some realistic ways you can prevent damage to moisture:

* Keep the computer away from windows that open. Even if the window of rain that falls is a threat, I once ruined a portable leaving open a window on a foggy morning.

* Be very careful with drinks and laptops. With its size computers, you probably do not want to ruin your keyboard when your drink spills, with laptops, you are likely to destroy the entire computer.

* Unplug the power cord (for laptops), remove the battery for a computer that can get wet. It's ok for electronics to get wet if there is no electricity that travel through them. (When I go camping, I always keep my laptop and its battery to separate zip-lock bags).

* Do not allow computers on the outside. I know it sounds obvious but it's too easy to go to fix a drink, get distracted and forget his advice laptop until just 10

Computer Hardware Maintenance Tip # 5: Pull the plug during storms

Did you know that before the radio was invented, some people used to send messages without wires, creating a giant spark? If you create a spark giant, which scientists call the electromagnetic pulse, makes the metal conductive spark other places up to several kilometers away.

The problem of electromagnetic pulses is that the long wires such as wires in the house, can get a lot of energy, creates a very big spark, and the wave of electricity that the spark can easily fry your computer.

The good news is that it is illegal for this very reason, to generate electromagnetic pulses in most places. The bad news is that nature has its own lightning electromagnetic pulse generator. Lightning does not need to hit your home to create a powerful wave-it need not even be close.

Disconnect the computer from the wall is the best way to help prevent an attack from the lighting to destroy your computer.

Computer Tip # 6: Use a surge protector

Even if you always follow the above tips to unplug your computer during a storm, you still have to worry about frying your computer increases.

Surges can occur for many reasons, including incorrect wiring, transformer explosions, squirrels and opossums eat power lines and problems with other large electrical appliances in your home. You also have to worry about the storms that occur when you are away from home out of your computer.

To guard against unexpected power problems, buy a surge protector. Some of them even come with warranties to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars of computer equipment if a power surge protection wave pass. This is an important part of maintaining the equipment.

Tips No. 7 team: Preparing for failure

Sometimes the best maintenance of computer equipment is being prepared for failure. All the tools you use expensive, onboard computer, mobile phone, will in the end, so you should start preparing for their replacement, especially when risk of failure, at least at the appropriate time.

For computer equipment, is the entity most likely to betray your hard drives. We told you in other articles on the Tips4PC how good backups, and I suggest you read one of these items if you do not set up backups again.

I used to have a spare on hand in case of a fault in my records, but at the cost of the rapid fall of the hard drives, I think it is better to accept the inconvenience of driving to buy a few more years.

After your hard drive, the following entities most likely to fail. Either you want to have spare money to hand, or at least available to purchase replacement:

Printer (they tend to stop printing properly, rather than break completely. It is generally not worth definition of a cheap printer.)

* Graphics

* Supply of computing power (often starting at the sound of a few weeks before his death)

* The power button (if you're careful, you can hot-wire most of the computers to use your computer until you buy a new button)

Computer tips # 8: Turn off the equipment used

In theory, materials, no moving parts to last forever, and probably similar to most electronic devices with no moving parts, but you can not see the electrons moving down the son of light 60% or more speed.

In some places, the need for electrons to pass through a small hole. In these areas, the electrons will sometimes take a little metal on one side of the throat and place it on the other side of the throat. As time passes, it is metal fewer side starting from the hole until it is enough metal for electrons to the user at a time the camera stops working. (You can flicker in a few weeks in advance.)

Some of the power electronics is to go until they are turned on, and as long as they are, the faster it will fail. You can add years of life only for the use of the device by turning it off when not in use.

Computer Tip # 9: Do not wait for the fix

Computer hardware maintenance ways to take small steps to prevent major problems later. Nowhere in the maintenance of the computer is more evident than when it comes to fixing small problems before they become irreparable problems later.

For example, the team makes a strange noise? Much of the time when I called to repair a computer completely broken, then discovered that the computer was making strange noises for weeks before. If I had called before, could have identified the problem, simply by listening to the computer, ordered the replacement part, and made the switch about 5 minutes away. But when I called to fix the computer died, usually takes several days to identify the problem and replace the broken part.

Any inconsistency of your computer peripherals should be investigated. If your USB drive does not always work, or burning a DVD sometimes bad, or your computer screen flickers from time to time, all these are problems, you should study with a quick Google search.

If you can not find an answer to Google, at least to give a complete description of the problem, when it and save it to any repair technician to call later. Knowing where and when it started the problem can save hours of troubleshooting to figure out why the computer can be difficult to repair.

Computer Tip # 10: Do not wear down connector

Is not it surprise you sometimes, when so many things these days are covered in gold? Gold is $ 1500 one ounce right now, but there is gold, even on the cheapest USB stick, take a look at the connectors on your desk right now, if you do not believe me.SanDisk 16 GB Cruzer Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDCZ36-016G - A11

How is this possible? Simple, gold in these connectors is only 1,000 of an inch thick. It is 100 times thinner than a human hair. (This is also not pure gold.)

Problem with something thin that can easily be taken away. Every time you install or remove a cable or device, not just the gilding worn off. Joints wear out more quickly than the loss of connections. All this means that the devices are connecting more, the faster it will stop working.

If possible, avoid unnecessary to connect and disconnect your devices.