How To Make Internet Explorer Faster

09/07/2011 23:23

Internet Explorer is a revolutionary web browser, browser history so far. Despite the many advantages of Internet Explorer, we have some disadvantages, such as the slow navigation, and tabs are not as impressive, and the card, cancel the option, even if the disadvantages The main disadvantage is the speed slower rival Mozilla Firefox. So I have a few tips to speed up Internet Explorer, which allows faster navigation. Some of them are:

Reduce the size of the Web History page: Internet Explorer Web pages stored on your computer, also called a page history by day. We can store your web history, where two days a week is not really worth it. And slow down computer performance as well.

Reduce Web History: Follow these simple steps to reduce the page history.

1) Go to

Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options

2) Now go to Internet Options dialog box, click the General tab, change days to keep pages in history '1

Do not save encrypted pages: Some Web pages encrypted request a username and password. These pages scramble information to prevent reading of sensitive information. This can be configured to not save the pages of these types. In that, you free up space in the system and keep it secure information from your computer.

Do not save encrypted pages to Web: Follow these simple steps

1) Go to Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options

2) Select the Advanced tab in Internet Options

3) In the Settings section, scroll to the Security section and select the option "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".

erase all traces of your online activity, such as cookies, history and temporary files.