How To Make Opera Uses Less Memory

25/06/2011 12:00

Opera is nice browser.Speed, efficient, and web experts agree that the fastest browser to surf the Internet. Screw Internet Explorer, I hate to look too buggy and Firefox, but it's good, but has its fair share of problems with memory leaks that tend to increase with each new release.
 i m using the opera latest version.
Easier navigation and productivity growth: D but then I open the Task Manager and check the memory usage.

Image Name User Name CPU Memory Usage

K opera.exe administrator 10,430,024
lets keep it in bounds.
Opera is a memory hog, but proves to be memory problems are caused due to "Automatic RAM cache," Management of the Opera. So, here's how you can make Opera uses less memory.
 Open Opera

 Press Alt + P
 Go to History and select the cache and 4 MB of disk size to something. Check the "Empty Exit" and press OK.
 Once done, type

Opera: config

in the URL bar and press ENTER.

 After this, the user's browsing preferences and to expand it.

 Find "Automatic RAM Cache" & disable it.
When finished, restart Opera.

Enjoy, you take much less RAM Opera.